Classic Italian Meatballs

We believe in using all natural ingredients to handcraft our meatballs. We cook with grass fed, hormone free beef, and use local herbs and produce. We believe our meatballs are the most tender and delicious you will ever taste.

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We currently have 3 type of meatballs; Beef, Turkey and Veggie. Our meatballs are served as sliders, sandwiches (grinders) or in a bowl. We have housemade sauces that include marinara, bbq, cayenne, pesto and more. We top our meatballs with either grated parmesan, melted provolone or melted mozzarella cheese. Everything we do is from a dedication and love for food especially meatballs! We truly believe in hand crafted flavorful meatballs and the challenge of creating great food that is accessible to all!


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